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Beer Distributor - Algarve

Beer is a beverage made from alcoholic fermentation with selected yeasts like Sacharomyces, creating a must prepared from cereal malt, mainly barley, and other starchy or sugary raw materials, to which hop flowers or its derivatives and drinking water are added. Refrisete has a wide range of Unicer's Beers for distribution.

Water Distributor - Algarve

Although water is essential to our survival and covers about 70% of the earth's surface, drinking water is quite scarce.
Fresh water represents only 2,5% of the total amount of existing water and two-thirds of it is frozen at the poles.
The remaining water is distributed through rivers, lakes, underground basins and rain, and not all of it has the necessary conditions to preserve life.
The percentage of water that has the essential characteristics to meet our daily needs is extremely low.

Soft Drinks Distributor - Algarve

Soft drinks are beverages constituted mainly by water, which are dissolved or are an emulsion of fruit, sugar, aromas, and other legally authorized ingredients. Carbon dioxide can eventually be added.

Fruit-based soft drinks: contain a minimum amount, established by law, of a fruit juice or a mix of juices from different fruits. Usually, natural aromas from the fruit itself are added.

Soft drink made from plant extracts: It results from the dissolution of plant extracts and flavourings in water. It can eventually include juice and other ingredients of plant origin.

Flavoured soft drink: It results from the dissolution of flavourings in water.

We also distribute all ranges of !

Wine Distributor - Algarve

Wine is an alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of grape juice.

In the European Union wine is legally defined as a product exclusively obtained from total or partial fermentation of fresh grapes, whole, crushed or from grape must.